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Pipetting Samples
BreakSight, Inc provides services that label, retrieve, and locate broken DNA ends in actively replicating cells experiencing DNA damage to find patterns associated with breakage.
DDsite Logo - DDsite is our platform where we utilize our BrITL assay and perform NGS to capture and sequence DNA breaks occurring in cells from customer-applied treatments.

BrITL - Retrieval of DNA double-strand break sites across the genome from cells exposed to treatment(s) that induces DNA damage during proliferation

A schematic of BreakSight's BrITL assay



An example of BrITL qRT-PCR results depicting quantitative DNA breaks at specific genomic regions in cells treated with a DDRi compared to a vehicle control

Example of BrITL qRT-PCR results from BreakSight's service


BrITL-Seq - NGS performed on BrITL-processed samples

A schematic of how NGS is performed on BrITL-procesed samples via BrITL-Seq


  • Sample QC

  • Sample fragmentation

  • Library Prep

  • Library QC

  • 150 bp paired-end sequencing (~60 million read pairs per sample)

DDinsight Logo - DDinsight involves our bioinformatics services on NGS and BrITL-Seq data

Bioinformatics analysis of NGS FASTQ files


  • Trimming

  • Quality checks

  • Alignment

  • Deduplication

  • Coverage plot generation

  • Peak-calling

  • IDR

  • Data report

Upon request, we can...
  • Quantify DNA repeats and sequence motifs that may be enriched at identified DNA break sites.
  • Associate identified DNA break sites with publicly available databases of genome-wide elements (e.g. ChIP-Seq data, gene regions, histone marks, etc.)
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